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stormdry folder (NL)

Deze folder geeft een algemeen overzicht van de karakteristieken en toepassingsmogelijkheden van Stormdry, en van de aanbrengmethode.

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British Board of Agrément (en)

Technische goedkeuring BBA. Toepassing van Stormdry op baksteen, mortel, zandsteen en beton.
De tests behelzen:

- Waterafstotende eigenschap
- Risico op condensatie
- Vorst/dooi resistentie
- UV resistentie
- Duurzaamheid (25 jaar)

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stormdry xr mortar
technisch blad (nl)

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FLood resistance test (en)

This was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe to judge how well Stormdry can resist flood water, when applied to a brick wall. This test shows: Stormdry masonry protection cream can stop flood water penetration, up to 60 cm height.

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frost damage test (en)

This was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe, to judge how well Stormdry can help brick work and masonry to resist frost damage. This test shows: Stormdry can protect brick from freeze/thaw damage, helping to keep your wall in good condition through the winter. Standard water repellent sealers provide no resistance to freeze/thaw damage, showing the same results as untreated brick work.  

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stormdry handleiding (nl)

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stormdry gevelcreme
technisch blad (nl)

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stormdry facade cleaner technisch blad (nl)

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This was an independent report by Giraffe Innovation Ltd, assessing the environmental impact of Stormdry. It was found that:An application of Stormdry on a typical house can pay for itself in heating bill savings within 6 years.Stomrdry can save enough equivalent CO2 to repay its “carbon debt” within a month of application and reduce heating CO2 emissions for up to 30 years.

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spray foam insulation protection

This was a report by the Building Life Consultancy, who used simulation software to test whether Stormdry would be capable of protecting spray foam insulation from wet weather. It was found that Stormdry is always a benefit when used to protect spray foam insulation. In all cases, it reduces the chance of interstitial condensation and structural damage.The breathable nature of Stormdry allows previously wet insulation to dry out over time.

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breathability test (en)

This was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe to breathability of Stormdry, when applied to a standard brick material. This test shows that Stormdry treated wall is 90% as breathable as an untreated one. It is also 35% more breathable than the next-best tested alternative treatment, causing less complications. Stormdry can be applied to an already damp wall, which means it is not necessary to wait for weeks for a wet wall to dry out, before starting works.

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